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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Sessions are planned on a regular basis and offer a continuing space for reflection on what may be troubling the individual looking for help.
This may take place on the analytic couch or face to face.
In analytic groups this reflection will take place between all group members and the therapist.
It is not necessary to prepare a subject to be discussed. Often it is helpful to look at what is uppermost in the mind. This may feel pressing or it may not. Sometimes it is useful to wait and see what emerges as this often shows the pattern of relating and functioning in everyday life and it will thus illuminate where things usually go wrong.
At some point in therapy the relationship between therapist and individual, and in groups also between group members, may appear as if troubling patterns in relationships now or in the past are repeated. This can be helpful as this dynamic can be identified and closely examined. It presents an opening to think about what happens both in the interaction between people in the here and now, and within the inner world of the person concerned.

Duration of Psychotherapy
This depends on the needs of the individual. Where emotional problems are of a long-standing nature (e.g. where a pattern of things going chronically wrong in relationships or at work is recognisable), it may be desirable to plan attending psychotherapy on an ongoing basis.

Literature on Psychotherapy
(The literature does not reflect my own view in all instances.)
"Talking to a Stranger" (1986); Lindsay Knight; Fontana paperbacks. This book is out of print and the contact details are out of date,but it is a good
guide to the different forms of psychotherapy . Any public library will be able to order it.

"How to chose a Psychotherapist" (2003); Neville Symington et.al.; Karnac Books £9.99
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