Analytic Group Psychotherapy/Group Analysis

Group Analysis/Psychotherapy may be a good option where role models were absent in childhood, and where therefore observation and interaction with others may open up new perspectives. It may also be helpful where problems arise in group-settings, e.g. where competition is felt to be particularly painful. Some people express a preference for group psychotherapy.

Group psychotherapy can be very helpful where a person has been in individual psychotherapy (with the ending worked through appropriately) and would now like to extend their emotional horizon to see how they communicate with others in a group setting.

The following group with a maximum membership of 8 participants, of mixed sexes, is currently taking place on a once weekly basis:

Tuesdays 20:15 - 21:45 Fees: £105 per person/per month/12 months per year

In some circumstances group psychotherapy can be accompanied by individual sessions.

Before commencing with group psychotherapy a minimum of six individual sessions will be arranged. This is to ensure that group and individual member are well matched. It allows me to learn what might not be easily understood once group sessions have started whilst allowing you time to get to know me. At times, a group may be in the process of working through something and it would not be helpful for a new member to join at this point. In this case you may have to wait until there is a better entry date.

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